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A python based toolkit to fix Windows EFI hijacking

Introducing GYGB, a tool to get your grub back
Supports EFI and BIOS systems both...

For more information: Grub-Repair-Toolkit


Scripts written in shell and python
These are open-source projects I've made in my free time
Most of these are licensed under Apache-2.0

MacOS/Linux/Unix Apache-2.0

Check if you've been hacked or not

  • Takes your email as input
  • Depends upon jq
  • Powered by Have I been Pwned? api
Dumpster Diver
MacOS/Linux/Unix Apache-2.0

A bash script to find the latest juicy information in pastebin dumps


My name is Navan Chauhan
I live in New Delhi, India.

2003 | Came into this world.
2008 - 2018 | Have been doing stuff with electronic gadgets.

I think of things, I make the things. Enjoy!